Oldest Koi Fish And Secrets Behind Longer Life Of Koi 

Oldest Koi Fish and Secrets Behind Longer Life of Koi

 Let us see about the Oldest Koi fish that lived in this world. In general, Koi or Nishikigoi are gorgeous fishes that bring good luck and beauty in your life. You can spend the time just seeing the graceful swimming of Koi carp. By the time goes, the Koi would get grown, and as well as they age. Most Koi have a lifespan between 25-30 years. The Japanese Koi tend to have a higher lifespan of about 30-40 years. With proper care, a Koi carp may live up to 200 years. One such Koi is Hanako, the only 226 years Oldest Koi fish in the world. Hanako is a beautiful female Koi who have lived for long years on this planet.

The meaning of her Japanese name Hanako is “flower girl.” Hanako is born in the year 1751. As the year passes, she has grown in size and weight. By the year 1966, she was about 70 Cm long and weighed nearly 7.5 Kg. 

Age Finding In Koi Fish

In most water species, finding age is a tricky process. But in fish, the Aging calculation is similar to a tree. The number of growth rings present in tree determines its age. In the case of Koi fish, the growth rings in scales determine the age. Avoiding Lateral line scales helps in finding of Koi age as they have unclear growth rings. In age calculation, the scales have to be collected as a sample. The obtained sample scales are placed in the envelope cover and marked with the necessary information like Date, Time, Fish type, etc.

Later, the microfiche reader supports as an eye to count the number of growth rings in fish scales. Finally, the wide growth ring is compared with the age chart to determine the age of a particular fish.

Hanako Oldest Koi fish Age Calculation

Hanako Oldest Koi Fish

The same above method is used for calculating the Hanako age. Initially, only two scales from each side of the body were taken for age calculation. Professor Hiro and Dr. Komei Koshihara were scientists who analyzed her scales in 1966 and reported shocking information that she is 215 years old. They also said Hanako was the longest-lived Koi fish in the world, and later this news was broadcasted on the radio all over Japan.

From the birth of Hanako, she was owned by several people. The last person to take care of Hanako Koi was Dr. Komei Koshihara. After a decade in the year 1977, she ended her incredible life. She was the ever-lived longest Koi fish in this world and about 226 years old at the time of her death. Proper care and love from the owners have made Hanako live for such long years. Healthy Japanese water may also be a second secret for a long lifespan. As of now, she is the most famous and longest Koi ever lived on Earth.

Few Other Oldest Koi Fishes

Next to Hanako, one male Koi from Portland Japanese Garden has long years of living, which is about 22 years as of 2018. The old photo of male Koi confirms the age of it. Most Koi from this Portland Garden has an average lifespan of about 30 years.

The third oldest Koi was the Big Girl. She measured about 1.2 m long and weighed approximately 40.8 kg. Geoff Lawton was the owner of Big Girl, and he had a store named Rainbow Koi shop in England. Big Girl had a native of Japan and was exported to England. She was 17 years old in 2007 based on the last news source from dailymail.co.uk/.

The last oldest Koi fish with the most extended life is Big Poppa. It is the USA based Koi that lived in Discovery Green Park and now owned by Nelson. As of 2017, Big Poppa is seven years old and had a massive body. Once to find a leak in a pond, Big Poppa transferred to a temporary tank. During moving, staff and people amused by the large body structure. Later on measurement, it was about 2 meters long and weighed 9.07 kg. Finally, Big Poppa was transferred to a new water garden in Texas. To know about Koi History, see Unknown Truths About The History Of Koi Fish.

The Lifespan Of Koi Fishes

You may already know that Koi has a long lifespan than regular fish types. A typical koi may live up to 20 years or more depending on the environment and food type. The Japanese Koi has a more significant lifespan than any typical Koi, which is about 35-40 years on average. One of the main reasons for this high lifespan is breed type, proper care, and healthy food. Most of the Japanese Koi would spend their time in mud ponds and lakes, which may be the second reason for such a long life. Apart from these reasons, love from the owner helps Koi a lot more for long, happy life. To understand the facts of Koi, see Interesting Things About Koi Fish Facts.

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