Koi Fish Symbolism Based On Its Unique Color

Koi Fish Symbolism Based On Its Unique Color

Have you heared about the Koi fish symbolism? If not, let see the unique symbolism of Koi. Each Koi fish type has novel symbolism like friendship, love, wealth, and abundance. Based on the color, the symbolism of Koi fish varies. Moreover, Buddhism has a strong belief that growing fish will give advancement in devoutness. Read about Adorable Butterfly Koi Fish and Oldest Koi Fish.

Koi Legend Story

According to ancient Japanese, the Koi will pass through all obstacles and climb the waterfalls in the Dragon Gate of the yellow river. After entering the dragon gate, it will transform into a dragon. So, the Koi are considered as the aspiration for advancement. Koi, which fails to climb, will face their deaths like a samurai bravely.

Another legend says that Koi always swims on the surface of the water. Although the water condition varies from season to season, Koi keeps swimming on the water’s surface. These surface swimming Koi quickly passes all kinds of obstacle and claims the dragon gate. Moreover, the power within them will help to achieve the mission to the dragon gate. Koi fish that swims on the underwater are considered to be the signs of bad luck.

Koi Fish History

In Japan, the Koi fishes are called as the Jinli or Nishikigoi. These famous Koi’s belong to the carp family. Initially, these carp fishes were grown by the Japanese farmer as a food source during winter. Ricefields were used as a pond for these carp fishes.

Later by the 1820s, these Amur carp were bred for color in Honshu Island. In 1914, the Japanese colored Koi were kept for exhibition in Tokyo. Then news about colored Koi has spread from Japan to all over the world. Moreover, many people got interested in Koi keeping. Special Koi clubs were formed in most of the cities for exchanging knowledge about Koi.

Many people across different countries have followed Koi keeping as a social hobby. Koi clubs also conducted koi shows, and fish with all unique features is selected as a winner.

Koi Fish Symbolism

If you are into Koi keeping, then the first thing to know is about Koi fish Symbolism. For example, you are doing business; then, silver Koi are the best Koi to buy because it symbolizes the successive business and wealth. If you are looking for success in your life, then white Koi with red spots is the right one. So, based on the interest, you can choose the Koi fish type.

In general, Koi symbolizes Love, Friendship, Success, Good fortune, longevity, and perseverance. Apart from these, the color, along with the body pattern of a Koi, decides symbolism.

Koi Color With Symbolism

Ancient Japanese believe that the color of Koi represents specific outcomes in our life. So, Koi’s color and body patterns decide the symbolism of Koi.

White Koi With Red Spots

White Koi Fish Symbolism

The white Koi fish with red spots symbolizes success career. If you are working hard to achieve your aim, white color with red spots are right fish for Koi keeping. With proper care and maintenance of this fish will bring success.

Silver Koi Fish

These koi fish have a silver body color. It symbolizes the wealth and success of your business. If you are into business, then the Silver Koi fish is the right fish type.

Black Koi Fish

The Black Koi fish are considered the most potent koi fish type, among other Koi. At present, the black Koi is available in two different types. One type has a white body color with black spots on the surface, and the other one has a pure black body color.

The black Koi fish symbolize the rebirth and transformations. If you face any struggle, then black Koi fish is the best fish type to bring positive changes in your life.

Blue Koi

The Blue Koi fish symbolize peace and serenity. This fish type is seen mostly as pure blue color. Moreover, it also symbolizes sexuality and reproduction.

White Koi With Red Pattern

This koi fish type has a white body color with a red pattern on its mouth. This fish is often referred to as “Lipstick fish” due to the presence of red patterns. This fish type symbolizes Love and Relationship.

Golden Koi Fish

Golden Koi Fish Symbolism

The golden Koi fish symbolizes wealth and riches. This fish type has a full gold color body. To know more about golden Koi fish symbolism, read Golden Koi Unique Symbolism.

Yin Yang Koi

Yin Yang Koi Fish

Since ancient times, a pair of Koi fish is used to represent the Yin Yang. For this dualism, a male and a female is taken for the representation. When you get a Yin Yang Koi as a gift, it brings good luck in your life. Moreover, the yin yang concept represents all kind of life changes like positive and negative.

You can have Yin Yong Koi in the form of tattoo, picture, painting, sculpture, and drawings. Having such Yin Yong Koi in your home also brings good prosperity in your life. Read about Koi Fish Price and Interesting Koi Fish Facts.


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