Koi Fish Price And Easy Tips For Buying Koi

Koi Fish Price and Easy Tips For Buying Koi

The Koi Fish Price of Pure Bloodline Koi

The Koi fish is the most special carp and valuable fish in the world. Do you know that one Koi fish is sold for 1.8 million dollars? Moreover, this particular Koi fish has won grand champion in the 2017 Japanese Koi show. Besides, it is the most expensive fish in the world. When you think fish, most will be knowing the Goldfish and other fish types. Few people also get confused with Koi fish with Goldfish. But, Koi are different carp from the Gold Fish. Furthermore, Koi are expensive pet fish in the world.

The Japanese farmer initially raised Koi in rice fields during the 1700s. Later, these farmers started breeding the Koi carp for color and pattern. The breeding is similar to other pets breeding technique. To achieve superior quality, the Koi breeders have taken several hundred years. See Interesting Facts About Koi Fish.

Judging the Quality of Koi

Judging the Quality of Koi

During the Koi shows, the judges and buyers will be mostly looking at the aspect of color, shape, size, and the graceful swimming of fish. Apart from these features, the pattern and balance of color are also taken as notice for good quality fish. The unique pattern types seen in Koi Carp are blue spots on the top of the body, metallic gold color, and red patches. Based on these pattern types, the Price of the Koi fish increases.

Apart from these patterns types, most breeders love the Kohaku, Sanke, and Showa Koi types. All these three fish types have white, red, and black as the color and body pattern. The Price of these Koi fish is also expensive. You also get Koi fish in bulk, but most are low quality. So, while buying a Koi fish, always look for the body pattern, size, shape, and color. Although, the Koi have grown all over the world by Koi Lover. You can find the traditional breeders only in Japan, and most buyers prefer buying Koi from a native breeder. For buying, most people travel to Japan to choose their fish type. Most resellers also buy from the traditional breeder and resell the Koi in Local. A Good quality Koi fish may cost Few thousands dollar to a few hundred thousand dollars.

Buying Koi from Traditional Koi Breeders

Most traditional breeders will have a pure bloodline Koi fish, and buying from them increases the trust. Moreover, these traditional breeders grow their Koi in the natural ponds, which helps them to attain a good body shape and size. After reaching a specific size, these Koi are transferred to the large ponds. Furtherly, the Koi is also moved to safer ponds during the extreme climatic changes.

About Wild Koi Carp

Wild Koi Carp

The wild carp had a dark color body, which helps them to hide from the predators. Today, Koi have six types of color cells types in their body. Metallic, White, Black, Red, Yellow, and Blue are the color cell types. For getting a good quality Koi Color, you must select Koi with white and red color body cells. To reach the superior quality, you breed the fish for several years. The traditional breeders of Japan had done this breeding for several hundred years, starting from the 1700s. Know Here About Unknown History Of Koi Fish and Oldest Koi Fish.

The brightness of the fish is considered while buying a Koi. Most pure bloodline fish have a good color pattern that appears bright on the body surface. More the bright body color will increase the Price of Koi. As of now, there are about 120 Koi fish varieties. Breeding of Koi is a tedious process than the reproduction of other pets animals.

At the single breeding season, a Koi produces up to a few thousand Koi baby fishes. Selecting the right breed from this baby Koi takes several days. A standard traditional breeder would select only fifteen thousand Koi from three lakh Koi fish. In the next year, only a thousand fish is selected from fifteen thousand.

Koi Fish Price VS Quality

The Quality of the Koi decides the Price of the Koi Fish. You might get a Koi from the Local store, but quality varies from the traditional breeders. If you are planning to pet a Koi, then try to get Koi from the conventional breeders or Koi dealers because they maintain a good quality Koi fishes. You can also get a Koi from hobbyists where give exceptional care, and they only grow the good quality Koi fishes.

But before buying a Koi fish, you must judge the quality of the Koi. The pond quality Koi cost very less, ranging from 10$ to 100$. This Koi does not have special features, but they are colorful and look beautiful as like the high-quality Koi fishes. The next one is the high-quality Koi fishes, which cost about 10,000$. Moreover, these Koi have a pure bloodline and unique body patterns. With graceful swimming, these Koi look more beautiful than other fish types. The Traditional breeders breed these high-quality Koi, and they always give special care to them. Growing a pure, high-quality Koi gives ten times the amount of input. See about Butterfly Koi Fish and Golden Koi Fish.

Koi Club And Buying Koi Fish

During the Koi shows, these high-quality Koi are given a special place. Moreover, the buyer always looks for pure bloodline Koi. Over time, some Koi tends to change its body patterns and color. Body-color of baby Koi may change during maturation. For a better understanding of Koi fishes, you must keep in touch with the Koi clubs and shows. Reading magazines about Koi also helps in a better understanding of growing of Koi. In Koi Clubs, you can exchange the experience in maintaining Koi Fishes.

The Koi Clubs conducts Koi shows every year. You participate in the show and bring your Koi fish. Furtherly, a High-quality Koi fish is selected based on body color, shape, graceful swimming, and color patterns. Most countries all over the world have good demand for high-quality Koi fish. If you are stater in petting Koi, I strongly suggest you buy from the local backyard breeders. At first, you find it hard, but after setting up everything, you find it easy to grow a Koi. Finally, the Koi fish price is based on bloodline and unique features.

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