Interesting Things You Need To Know About Koi Fish Facts

Interesting Things You Need To Know About Koi Fish Facts

Koi are beautiful fishes belong to the Amur carp. These are available in different colors ranging from white to blue, and each color denotes unique Koi fish facts. Based on the body color and patterning, every Koi have a unique Japanese name. Moreover, the Japanese were the first people to breed the Koi fishes for hundreds of years selectively. This method has done to enhance the size, color, and patterning of Koi. Koi has a unique look and beautiful color, So people call Koi as “Living Jewels.”

Most of the Koi Keepers prefer to keep Koi in a pond outside of the house. In case of larger free space within the home, Interior pond is the best option for keeping Koi. You may feel challenging at the start due to a lot of work, like creating a pond, buying tools, and other minor tasks. But on regular practice and proper care, you can easily handle the Koi.

Some Of The Interesting Things You Need To Know About Koi Fish Facts

Know About Koi Fish Facts

Origin and Color Facts of Koi Fish

Koi fishes have the origin of Central Europe and Asia. Koi are Freshwater Carp fishes that mostly live in the cold waters. These fishes can also adopt other climatic conditions.

Koi fish and Goldfish share the same carp family. Selective breeding techniques for hundreds of years created both fish types.

Most Koi fishes have an average life span of about 30-40 years. But fewer Koi fishes tend to live for longer years ranging up to 200 years. One of such Koi fish types is Hanako, which was hatched in the 1750s and completed its beautiful life in 1977. In the year 1966, it was 70 cm long and weighed about 7.5 kg. The Japanse meaning for Hanako is “Flower Girl.” Hanako has lived a legendary life for nearly 226 years, and it is the longest-lived Koi fish in the world. To know more specific details, see Koi fish history.

When you think of Koi fish, the first thing you will notice is colors. Most people would have seen Koi in Orange or Yellow. Apart from these colors, Gorgeous Koi are also available in Black, White, Blue, and Red. Each Koi fish color has unique symbolism. For example, Most business people go with Metallic Koi as it symbolizes Success and Supremacy. If you like positivity symbolism, then grey, red, and blue Koi are the best choices. Gold Koi symbolizes prosperity and wealth. Finally, the black Koi symbolizes the patriarchal.

Interesting Things About Koi Fish

Koi can adapt to most water types and climatic conditions, which is the main reason for domestication in Eastern Asia. In ancient times, it was grown only as of the food fish.

Koi Keepers always follow the selective breeding type for Koi fish. One of the main reasons for this breeding type is to bring uniqueness in patterning, color, and scaling. The Chinese have followed the same technique thousands of years for developing Goldfish.

The Koi fishes are available in 13 varieties. The color and pattern is the base rule for classifying a Koi fish. Moreover, the most Koi pattern has a unique Japanese name. Like other pets, Koi also has purebreds. To identify purebreds, you must need to have a more excellent knowledge of various Koi types.

Most domestic Koi fish can grow about 12-15 inches long. But, Japanese Koi can expand to a larger size than the local. A healthy Japanese Koi reaches up to 26 inches. A jumbo Koi can reach up to 36 inches in its lifetime.

Koi fishes are extremely intellectual as like other pets. It can easily recognize the feeding owner. With proper training, Koi can directly take its food on bringing your hand near the surface of the water. Moreover, Koi are omnivorous and can eat plants as well as animal-origin foods such as eggs, other fish, etc.

Most people have the habit of collecting Koi from other people as well as buying from the sellers. Few get Koi fish as a gift, which is considered to bring good luck and success.

The Koi keepers keep only a minimal number of Koi based on the size of the pond. One of the main reasons for this practice is to keep Koi fish safe and secure. During pond selection, always go for deep water and shady nature ponds because Koi have a sensitive skin type.

The Bright color of Koi makes it visible from the water. So, predators like raccoons and cats can easily attack the Koi. To overcome this problem, Koi keepers have to follow proper safety measures for keeping Koi away from the predators.

Few Other Koi Fish Facts

On a single breeding season, Female Koi fish can lay up to 50,000 eggs. With proper care, more than half of the eggs can hatch to bring a massive number of baby fishes.

Japanese people follow the practice of passing Koi fishes from generation to generation. Because they see Koi as their family heirloom.

Based on the unique color and pattern, Koi fishes can sell for thousands of dollars. One such is the Red and White Koi, which sold for £1.4 million at an auction held in Japan. Moreover, the Koi sold was at a size of 3 feet 3 inches, and its the most expensive Koi fish in the world.

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