Golden Koi Fish And Its Unique symbolism

Golden Koi Fish

The Golden Koi is a fantastic variety among the Kois with many beautiful features. Like Butterfly Koi, the Golden Koi has its unique symbolism. There is an ancient tale explaining the swimming of this fish in the yellow river, China. Furthermore, The author describes that Golden Koi fish swims against the stream. On reaching the waterfall, most Koi will give up and go along with the river. But, the Golden Koi never gives up and swims against the stream. On seeing this, God has turned this Koi into Golden Dragon.

Facts About Golden Koi Symbolism

Golden Koi Fish And Its Unique symbolism

In general, Golden Koi Carp would symbolize wealth and success. Most artists would draw the Golden Koi in pairs, which means marriage. People see these Koi duos painting as a fertility picture. In Japan, Golden Koi paintings were given as a gift to married couples. Moreover, These paintings are kept in the bedrooms to bring good luck and perseverance.

This fish type is available in full gold or yellow colors. Sometimes, a red spot may arise at the top of the head. In India, the two Golden Koi is compared to sacred rivers Ganga and Yamuna. In Buddism, these Koi means total freedom.

Owners were keeping this grand gold/yellow koi as a message of wealth. They also believe that Golden Koi will bring good fortune to the owners.

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Pricing Of Golden Koi Fish

Golden Koi Carp are the most expensive Koi variety in Japan. A good quality Gold Koi may cost up to 3000 USD while the other Koi type of same quality costs very less around 100 USD.

Koi As Tattoo Design

Few people like having Golden Koi as a tattoo in their body, which shows deep love. Having such a drawing would help to balance life and neutralize negative forces.

Finally, it also has drawn to represent the Yin and Yang concept, which reveals the equilibrium of two complexes.

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