Blue Koi Fish And Its Symbolism

Blue Koi Fish And Its Symbolism

Let’s see about the blue koi fish meaning and its unique symbolism. These blue Koi are often seen in two types. In the first type, the fish has the full blue color body. In the next type, Koi fish has a blue color body with other colors on the head and other parts of the body. Blue koi are most beautiful Koi because the skin looks gorgeous on sunlight. Read about Black Koi Fish, Golden Koi Fish, and Butterfly Koi Fish.

Japanese name For Blue Koi Fish

Most parts of the world use the name blue koi to identify this fish type. But the Japanese have their unique name for classifying the koi fish types. According to this, the Japanese name for blue Koi is Asagi. But originally Asagi means light indigo color. Moreover, it is the most beautiful Koi and has a long history in the breeding of Koi.

History Of Blue Koi Fish

You may already know that Koi fishes were bred from the common carp(dark brown color). Japanese native breeder has taken several years for breeding koi from carp. The first Koi to come out from this breeding technique is Blue Koi. Moreover, the breeder had got a lot of patience and selective breeding technique for developing this blue Koi type. At initial years these blue Koi were grown in the small villages of Yamakoshi and Ojiya.

Blue koi has the 200 years breeding history and first Koi to developed from the common carp. Moreover, the first Koi color mutation has also taken place in blue Koi. Most Koi varities available today are bred from the blue Koi.

Buying A Blue Koi Fish

If you are planning to buy a blue koi fish, then you should follow three criteria. A blue koi fish must have a bright face with hi pattern and netting pattern on its body. While checking the face, look for white and clean face Koi. Next criteria is netting pattern, in which a blue Koi must possess a beautiful netting pattern on the surface of the body. The pattern has to be similar on all the body scales.

Finally, Hi pattern has to present either on the side of the body. Furtherly, presence of Hi pattern near Koi mouth is called as Yakko. Also, its a unique pattern that appears only in Blue Koi fish. Hi pattern appears on the blue only after the complete maturation. So, You can’t find a Hi pattern on young Blue Koi.

Always visit a native Koi fish breeder, while buying Blue Koi because the native breeder provides excellent quality koi fishes with the pure bloodline.

Blue Koi Fish Symbolism

In common the blue Koi fish symbolizes the serenity and peace. But, it also symbolizes the reproduction and sexuality. You can have Blue Koi fish in the form of tattoo, painting and also as a live fish.

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