Black Koi Fish And Its Symbolism

Black Koi Fish And Its Symbolism

The Black Koi fish are considered as a powerful fish among the Koi. Most people prefer having black Koi in two forms. First, In the form of real fish and next as a body tattoo. Both types bring positive outcomes in your life. Having Koi in the pond is the most preferred way so that you can easily express your love and care So that Koi will also show its passion in the form of good fortune. Let us know the black koi fish symbolism and other facts for positive transformation in life. Read about Golden Koi Fish and Butterfly Koi Fish.

Black Koi Fish And Its Symbolism

Japanese Name for Black Koi Fish

The Japanese name for Black Koi is Karasugoi or Karasu. It is named after the black colored crow. Sometimes, it also is known as the crow fish or black Nishikigoi. As this fish type has a full black color body, it has got the name Karasugoi.

Common Types in Black Koi

The most common Koi has a full black body color with no other color spots. This fish type is called as the truly black Koi and has two subtypes. In the first type, the black Koi partially or entirely lacks the scales. The second type of black Koi has fully grown scales.

Some black Koi types have the red, orange, yellow spots on the body surface. Most People loved such black Koi with color spots as they bring good fortune.


Some sources say that black Koi fish were initially bred from the common carp(Magoi) during the time of second world war and the atomic bombs fell near the islands helped them for the transformation. Few sources say that breeding of black Koi started before the world war. The black Koi is not only bred in Japan but also reproduced in other parts of the world like Indonesia and the Philippines. Moreover, it referred to as Crow fish variety.

Some people also believe that black koi fish gives good luck by absorbing the negative energy. You can keep a black koi to remove all kinds of bad lucks, obstacles, and negative energy.

Dark Brown vs Black Koi

Some black Koi fish can change the body color based on the environment color(pond). The main reason behind this is that the Koi will camouflage according to the pond color. Most often, they lighten or darken based on the system. But a pure bloodline black koi will not change its color.

The black Koi, which changes its color based pond color, are mostly dark brown Koi. So don’t confuse them with black Koi. Moreover, these dark brown Koi will lighten while keeping them in the pale, white, and blue color pond. So while buying a black koi, always check the color type and bloodline.

Black Koi Fish Symbolism

You may already know that black Koi are the most potent and powerful type in Koi. This fish type brings not only good fortune but also removes negative energy. The symbolism behind the black Koi is transformation and positive life changes. If you face any obstacle or bad luck, then the Black Koi fish type is the right one. Having black Koi in your pond will make you strong and act as a rebirth symbol.

Buying Black Koi Fish

Few steps have to be followed while buying a black koi. Look for cuts, missing scales, torn fins, and abrasions. Always go with pure deep black color Koi fish. While checking for color, always prefer having orange belly if it lacks black color. Other body parts like fins and tail have to be black.

The black Koi are good eaters and have an excellent metabolism rate. So feed them in proper time intervals. It can grow up to 3 inches while growing them in ponds. With adequate food and care, the black Koi lives for more than 30 years.

If you are a Koi collector, then its a great addition to your pond. On sunlight, it skins shines in the bright black color. You can have a pleasant time just by feeding them from your hand.

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